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Purpose of
Master Points Scheme

The purpose of scheme is to:

1.   Stimulate interest in duplicate bridge.

2.   Provide a means of measuring and recording the achievements of the players of organised duplicate Bridge.

3.   Provide NZBridge with a source of revenue to be used for the benefit of the game.



  Part E The Masterpoint Scheme NZ Bridge Manual...



The calculation is currently completed as at 31 December each year and published online as soon as possible thereafter.

The new Rating Points and Gradings come into effect for the purpose of Tournament participation as soon as they are published on the NZ Bridge Website.


Masterpoint Charges

The Board of NZ Bridge sets the fees it charges Regions and Clubs to issue Master Points and may amend these fees from time to time on giving 3 months Notice in writing.


The present fees (+ GST where applicable) are as follows:

(a)        30 cents per competing Player per Club session.

(b)          $1 per competing Player per Tournament session.

(c)          $1 per A Point.


A 10% discount is offered on Tournament sessions provided that the full results and all the relevant Master Point information are received by the NZ Bridge Secretary no later than one calendar month from the date of the Tournament.


On-Line Master points

Masterpoints are available on-line and updated monthly (the database is not "live").

CLICK HERE or click on the 'Master Points Online' link in the right hand panel to search the Master Points database. If you are a long-time member any points earned before 1992 are not shown as they are from a previous system. However, the 'total points' does include these.

On-line reports include masterpoints received from clubs/centres at the time of publication. If you are missing any club points, please advise your Club Masterpoint Secretary. If you are missing Tournament Points, check the outstanding tournaments list first by CLICKING HERE.

Ranking Competition Results

New Competitions have been set up to fi nd the top ten ‘A’ point earners within each Ranking, split into male and female, during a current year. These results are updated on a monthly basis.

The Baden Wilson (for which there is a trophy) is for the top ‘A’ point earners in a calendar year based on points earned in New Zealand (Australian competitions do not count, therefore any awards from Australian competitions will be subtracted from the total at the conclusion of the calendar year).

2014 Baden Wilson - Male

pdf Baden Wilson Male 31 Dec 2014.pdf

Updated 1 Jan 2015

2014 Baden Wilson - Female

pdf Baden Wilson Female 31 Dec 2014.pdf

 Updated 1 Jan 2015

2014 Ranks Report

pdf Ranks Report as at 31 Dec 2014.pdf

Updated 1 Jan 2015

Updated quarterly


New Grandmasters

pdf Grand Masters 31 Dec 2014.pdf 

Updated 1 Jan 2015

Top 100 Masterpoint Earners

pdf Top 100 All time as at 31 Dec 2014.pdf

  Updated 1 Jan 2015


Tournament Grades for 2015

 rtf TMT Grades for 2015.rtf

Updated 6 Jan 2015

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Master points

From 2013 Australian Masterpoints are converted to NZ Masterpoints automatically

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